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We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art and the department of Art History, Concordia University, for this website.

We would like to thank the following people, who contributed to this class project and helped to create the website.

The Art History students from the Picturing Children undergraduate seminar taught by Loren Lerner, professor, Art History, Concordia University:  Helen Adilia Arceyut-Frixione, Christopher Arkilanian, Maya Dynbort, Anna Edell, Sydney Houston, Zoe Koke, Josiane Landry, Anais McNicoll-Castro Lopes, Lisa Polkosnik, Norah Paré, Rachel Rotrand, Jodi Schachowskoj, Allison Smith, Alice Stratford-Kurus, Eliana Stratica-Mihail; Hannah Sutherland.

The artists from the Boy/Girl Culture Studio Arts course taught by Marisa Portolese, professor, Photography, Concordia University: Simon B. Belleau, Brittany Carmichael, Marie-Philippe Boudreau, Maxime Brouillet, Carrie Henzie, Isabelle Landry, Eric Mailloux, Charles Matthieu, Saara Mäntylä, Laurence Messier Moreau, Juan David Norena Morales, Julie Morel, Jerome Nadeau, Laurence Poirier, Jessika Hade Precourt, Vicky Sabourin, Yuli Sato, Kinneret Sheetreet, Jeffrey Torgerson, Arden Wray.

Sarah Kestenberg and Joanna Lemon, MA students in Art History came to the classes when the students presented their findings and participated in the discussions. Upon the completion of the course they edited the content for this website, in consultation with the students, and formatted the texts and images.

Dina Vescio, a graduate of Concordia’s MA in Art History program and project coordinator for the CHIN website, Canada’s Got Treasures, a joint-venture with Concordia Art History, edited the citations.

Pata Macedo, a designer and educator who has collaborated with Loren Lerner in various types of graphic design projects over the past ten years, was the designer of the website.




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