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A New Inuit Childhood and Home:
The Drawings of Annie Pootoogook

Anna Edell
Angela Grossmann’s Gang of Three (2010):
Imagery that Speaks to the Innocence of Childhood
Being Bought, Sold, and Discarded: damaged

Allison Smith
(RE)viewing Private Childhoods in Public Places:
An Analysis of ken Lum’s “A Tale of Two Children”

Alice Stratford-Kurus
A Room of My Own
Hannah Sutherland
Atom Egoyan’s “Aurora” and Its Relation to the Armenian Genocide
Christopher Arkilanian
Discussing Portraiture, Representation and the Social Consequences of Photography: A Photographic Conversation between Jeff Thomas and Edward S. Curtis
Zoe Koke
Lyle Rye: Dollhouses as an Imaginative Space for
Creative Play

Maya Dynbort
Evelyn Pleasant, Clark Street, Montreal by Louis Muhlstock
Eliana Stratica-Mihail
Marie-Alice Dumont, Female Photographer during Early Twentieth Century in Rural Eastern Quebec: An Analysis of a Photograph of Her Adoptive Daughter Rosalie
Helen Adilia Arceyut-Frixione
Nadia Moss as an Elusive Artist with Flickr
as Her Virtual Exhibition Space

Sydney Houston
Raven Feather and the Tsimshian: A Look at “The Mountain Goats of Temlaham” Illustrated by Elizabeth Cleaver
Lisa Polkosnik
Soliciting Donations with Images of Children: An Analysis of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis’s Campaign Posters
Rachel Rotrand
The Innocent and the Adult: The Collision of Two Worlds in the Work of Marcel Dzama
Norah Paré

Katja Macleod Kessin : L’art visuel comme langue maternelle
Josiane Landry


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